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Commentaries on Romans

I’m looking ahead to next semester (I’m not even finished with this one yet!) and I will be spending the semester working in Romans and Ephesians. I’ve got some good commentaries on both, but I am wondering what commentaries on Romans you would recommend? I have Cranfield’s 2 volumes in the ICC (required) in the cart, but I would am going to add another–what say ye?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Αυτω η δοξα,



5 thoughts on “Commentaries on Romans”

  1. if you read german you definitely need to get ulrich wilckens 3 volumes and i’m kind of surprised you didn’t mention james dunn’s 2 volume masterpiece in the WBC series. it’s the best in english there is.

  2. These are not commentaries, but Paul’s Rhetoric In Its Contexts (Thomas Tobin) and Heralds of the Good News (Ross Wagner) are two tremendous volumes on Romans that have recently come out.

  3. Jim: I don’t read German yet, and I’ve always wanted to own Dunn’s volumes, but just never bit the bullet and purchased them. I may choose them, but I don’t know yet.

    Daniel: Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve not heard of those titles, but I will look into them. I rather like having supplemental volumes on particular aspects of issues in the text. Commentaries don’t always engage all of the particulars, so it’s good to have additional resources.

    Nick: As have I, so I may consider his as well.

  4. I love Schreiner’s which is massive and very Calvinistic. I read part of Moo’s which is even longer. Sometimes I don’t think he’s as solid in his own opinions (I couldn’t understand his explanation of propitiation vs. sacrifice of atonement etc. even after reading it three times) but it’s a massive, well respected and complete work.

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