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Monday Morning Miscellany

It was a terrible weekend for me sports-wise.

  • The Saints, who have been playing uninspiring football at best, lost to the lowly Cardinals. Not to take away from their victory, but the Saints couldn’t have made it any easier for the Cardinals to win. Pitiful…
  • The lsu tigers won again with more trick plays and last-second shenanigans. How one team gets so many lucky breaks simply defies logic.
  • The Texas Rangers have blown two chances to win the division series at home. Now it’s back to Tampa for game five. Hopefully, the trend will hold and they’ll win on the road.
  • The stinkin’ Yankees swept the Twins in their division series. It’s not that I am a Twins fan as much as it is that I loathe/hate/despise/abhor the New York Yankees. The playoffs are so much better without them around.
  • One bright spot, however, is that the Giants capitalized on several Braves errors to recapture and hold on to the lead, sending the series back to San Francisco with a chance to send the Braves packing. As far as I am concerned, the Braves are the National League’s Yankees, without the illustrious history and obscene bankroll.

Robert and I liked DevilNick did not!

Trevin Wax offers some interesting backgrounds to common English expressions here.

Esteban and I agree–Auto-Tune the News is genius (those geese are cooked)!

I got a new high score on Bookwork (on my iPhone)–1,144,860!

We got word of a fantastic burger joint downtown Dallas called the Twisted Root Burger Company. I love good burgers and this place makes everything from scratch, plus they make their own root beer! They were also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, so it must be good! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

Marc Cortez is giving away a copy of Paul Althaus’ The Theology of Martin Luther and I am giving away a copy of The Lure of the Dark Side: Satan and Western Demonology in Popular Culture. Jim West is also giving away a copy of Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth.

Until next time…

Αυτω η δοξα,



7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Miscellany”

  1. I loathe/hate/despise/abhor the New York Yankees

    God forgives a multitude of sins—just not that one!

    the Giants capitalized on several Braves errors

    Umm… The Giants played the Texans yesterday. 😉

    And what was there to like about Devil? The plot was uninspired and the acting was subpar.

  2. Nick: I didn’t know you were a Yankees fan… Well, sanctification is process! 🙂
    Well, Devil was good, not great. Though it was predictable, it was at least entertaining. Maybe the next installment of the so-called Night Chronicles will be more to your liking!

  3. Jason, I am hoping that the next movie, if there is a next movie in the Night Chronicles will be better. I think the film cost $10 million, and has already made 30 million, it droped to 13 place from 9th last week. It’s been out for 4 weeks and six in the top ten has only been out for 1-2 weeks. If he can keeps these movies at that cost, I think we will see a few more. But honestly they need to get better or I’ll just wait for DVD release.

    It was good, and by no means great I’m hoping they get better, I personally could have waited for DVD, but my family insisted I watch it.

  4. Robert: Agreed. After Signs I didn’t watch anymore of his movies–I was very disappointed with that one! Hopefully there will be more movies to follow, though I am not sure if they are all related or just lumped into the Night Chronicles.

  5. Jason, this Night Chronicles would have been a great series for HBO, instead of a full length movies. Like I said it was no “Six Sense”, but it was better than “Lady in the Water”, but that was a horrible movie 🙂

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