BibleWorks Question

This is probably a simple fix that I’ve simply managed to overlook, but can someone tell me how to change the second version in the graphic (indicated by the arrow) to different version?


Αυτω η δοξα,


6 thoughts on “BibleWorks Question

  1. I don’t know what the problem is then. Have you installed updates since your initial BW instillation? I used to and I had a bunch of problems. I reinstalled BW8 after I had the virus problem and had to reinstall Windows. Now I don’t ever install the updates and I never have problems.

  2. Nick: Yes, I always install the updates. I’ve never had any problems as a result, though. That’s strange that yours would be affected negatively. I may contact BW and see if they have a solution.

  3. That’s the last version you used before the current one you’re using and may (although I can’t quite replicate it) be the version that the results are shown in. You can click that arrow and choose Synchronize Results List to get rid of it.

    “If a search is performed in one Bible version, and then the search version is changed to a different Bible version, the Command Line Versions Button will contain two Bible version names separated by a slash. When this appears, the left version name is the current search version, and the right version name is the version used to display the current search results in the Search Window. The Synchronize Results List menu item is used to convert all the search results to the current search version text. The name of the previous search version will disappear from the Command Line Versions Button, and only the name of the current search version will display. ”

    Under Help – Index – Search – Command Line Versions Button


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