Where I Was on 9/11

I would assume that everybody remembers where they were when they received word of the tragedy unfolding in New York City. I was sitting in my ethics class at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary when one of the administrators walked in and told us of the news. Classes were promptly dismissed and I rushed home and sat glued to the tv for the remainder of the day.

Of all the tragic events that had befallen the citizens of our country in my short lifetime, nothing before or since compares to the fall of the twin towers. Even now, I struggle to make sense of it all and can’t even begin to imagine how those directly affected have had to cope.

The blogosphere will today undoubtedly be bursting at the seams with thoughts and reflections on a day forever seared into our psyches, so I’ll not say too much. For the families of those who died that day we offer our prayers, that God would be their comfort and peace in a world beset by evil and its perpetrators. For those who worldview holds human life as something so dispensable, we offer our prayers that the one true God would reveal himself and would overwhelm them with grace, such that there is no recourse but to repent. For the rest of us, let us pray that our lives are so grounded in Scripture and attune to the Spirit that we tread the paths of righteousness, no matter what the cost.

Αυτω η δοξα,



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