Bermuda Triangle

Map of the Bermuda Triangle
Image via Wikipedia

Our house has been a bit of a Bermuda Triangle for electronics lately.

  • In their efforts to climb atop the computer, the boys used the little desk riser for grip (the thing upon which the computer monitor rests) and brought the monitor crashing to the floor. In case you’re wondering, Dell makes pretty tough monitors! It half worked for a few days, but eventually succumbed to its injuries. I guess they weren’t made to absorb much shock!
  • Our digital camera that we’ve had for years has gone Houdini on us–it has disappeared! We’ve turned this house upside down and cannot find it. We’ve wanted to upgrade cameras for a little while now, but it’s plain annoying that we can’t find it anywhere.
  • I haven’t been able to login to Facebook using Chrome since yesterday! Since Chrome is browser of choice, I was incredibly annoyed. I use Firefox often, too, so I was able to check things on it, but I was annoyed nonetheless.
  • Similar to the previous point, Google reader was not loading new posts. It would tell me how many new ones were available, but would not load when I clicked on All Items.

Fortunately, all situations have been resolved except for finding the camera. So, I ordered a new camera today, which is a guarantee that we will find the old one!

Thankfully, at least most of our gadgets have made it through the Triangle, and here’s hoping it will be a while before the next trip!

Αυτω η δοξα,


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