Biblical Theology of the OT

Looking at the syllabus for my biblilcal theology of the OT, we will be surveying a number of OT scholars and their theology and methodology. Here’s the list:

Walter Eichrodt, Gerhard von Rad, T. C. Vriezen, Walter Kaiser, Claus Westermann, Walther Zimmerli, Elmer Martens, Charles Scobie, William Dumbrell, Brevard Childs, Walter Brueggemann, Stephen Dempster, John Goldingay, Bruce Waltke, and Eugene Merrill (who is the prof for this class).

This should be very interesting!

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Biblical Theology of the OT

  1. BTW, I’d suggest my teacher Bill Bellinger’s articles “The Psalms as a Center for Old Testament Theology” and his other article “A Center for Old Testament Theology: A Lost Cause?” (I may be wrong on the first title). But do check them out!

  2. John: Expert, huh?!? Glad you think so highly of my abilities! I will be interested in my take on OT theology, too, after this class since it is an area with which I am less familiar than others. And, thanks for the reading suggestions! Hope all is well in the soon-to-be-frigid north! 🙂

  3. Brian: The “Lost Cause” article was published a few years ago in the journal Perspectives in Religious Studies. The one one on the Psalms as center was an essay in a book, though I don’t have the bibliography handy. A quick google search should at least tell you where they are, I hope.

    Jason: OT theology is fascinating to me for a variety of reasons, one of which is the ambiguity about how one goes about doing the task. This will become patently clear, I hope, as you look at the seminal contributions of Eichrodt, von Rad, Childs, and Brueggemann. Those are the big players, and all very different.

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