Back to School

Well, it’s back–the school year, that is. Melissa and Leah headed out for their first class day at the new school. Leah was downright giddy about starting Kindergarten and Melissa was excited about getting back in the classroom. I am sure they will have a great day! We are incredibly blessed that Melissa was able to get a teaching position at a school in one of the best districts in the state and that happens to be only about 10 minutes from our house. That there were hundreds submitting applications to this district and others nearby and she was hired is yet another reason we know we’re where we are supposed to be. Ευχαριστω τω θεω μου!

I start my fall semester Wednesday afternoon and will only be going three days a week instead of four (as in the spring). My course load is not too heavy hours wise, but I will have plenty of work to do. Going through my book requirements, I was glad to discover I already owned the majority of them, so that will be good for the checkbook. I’ll only have to purchase a few titles and I have LifeWay gift cards for those, so it will likely be one of the few inexpensive book-buying semesters in the program.

The few required titles are

Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate by Gerhard Hasel (for my OT biblical theology class)

A New Reader’s Lexicon of the Greek New Testament by Michael Burer and Jefferey Miller (I’ll be doing a little reading from the GNT!)

NET – Novum Testamentum Graece Diglot

So, I’m gearing up for another busy semester. Hopefully I’ll find a way to blog with some regularity, but I can’t make any promises!

*Kind of unrelated to this post, but I may consider making the NET my translation of choice for preaching, seeing as how I will be working with it for the foreseeable future. Have any of you gone this route? Thoughts?

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I’ve taught from the NET-NA27 Diglot in Bible study before. It was useful; especially when one brother asked about why his KJV differed in a certain place from his NIV and there was a nice text critical note right there in my Bible to explain it.

  2. While I don’t preach/teach from the NET…I use it VERY regularly in personal interactions about the text. I haven’t found ANY other translation that provides more text critical and translational notes than the NET…I just don’t really care at times for the manner in which it is translated (esp. because of the need for some common text in our church services…and in my congregation it was a HUGE stretch to use the NIV just 7 years ago…I fear that the NET would just be a push too far).

  3. Nick: I love the translation itself (except for occasional glosses that are a bit strange) and the text/translation notes are quite helpful, as your example shows. I am really excited that I’ll have a hard copy.

    Rick: Yes, the notes are fantastic! I have been preaching from the HCSB for a number of years now. I really like it and I still may continue with it, especially since the second edition is supposed to be out soon (if not already). But, as I mentioned, I will likely be using the NET/NA27 in my studies quite a bit, so it may be helpful to use it in the pulpit. Thankfully, I don’t think it would be an issue for my congregation.

  4. I guess I was just “lucky” with getting a KJV group, but they have been thoroughly convinced…and without firing me 🙂 …to take up a number of other translations at least for Bible study.

  5. I’m ready to dive into my 3 courses as well. I need to submit my paper for last semester which is due by the 16th of this month. Since I do my courses on-line there is no technical deadline, but I am going to do my best to complete them during the normal time allotted for a typical school semester.

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