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Scholar Fan Boys

If bloggers could be deemed fan boys of certain scholars, here is how a few of them would go.

Nick – Larry Hurtado

Bryan – James Barr

Scott – Jack Van Impe 😛

John – Walter Brueggemann

Jim – Rudolf Bultmann

Robert – Gordon Fee

Mark – Ben Witherington

So, what about Joel, Jeremy, Brian, TC, Jeff, Chris, and Brian?

Feel free to share others!

Αυτω η δοξα,



26 thoughts on “Scholar Fan Boys”

  1. That’s a big “if”! I’m a fan of his work, for sure, but there’s things I disagree with and find less than convincing. I think Bryan might be a bigger Fee fanboy than Robert although from recent posts you’d think it was Barr. To fill in your list a little bit:

    Chris Tilling — N. T. Wright (once upon a time)

    Brian Fulthorp — John Stott

    And I’d add:

    Phil Sumpter — Brevard Childs

    1. thanks nick. indeed, i didn’t see this list till stevens mentioned it. i think i’ll toss it in the carnival. under fun stuff…

      good call too jase. you could have used von Rad as well. both are appropriate.

  2. I’m pretty much one of a kind ;-). Actually, my research lies a bit outside the traditional Biblical Studies realm, so I’m a fan boy primarily of linguists, applied and otherwise. For example, Michael Lewis is an applied linguist has been quite influential on my thinking, though I don’t follow him wholesale:
    I also love Friedemann Pulvermuller on the neuroscience of language and Nick Ellis too.

    Joel is definitely a Todd Bentley fan boy.

  3. I’d confess to currently being somewhat of a N.T. Wright fan. Maybe someday I can balance that with some Hurtado (who will always be Nick’s), Bauckham, and/or S.J. Gathercole but I am only beginning to look at these scholars. I like Fee as well, but Robert surely takes the cake there.

  4. Jason: I thought I’d save you the whoopin’—I’ve seen Jim lash out at folks for that very thing before. 😉

    Brian: If Hurtado is to remain my favorite he’s going to have to start writing some more stuff. Fee is gaining a lot of ground because he writes so clearly, so voluminously, and also because I agree with the vast majority of what he says.

  5. Nick’s right I am a bigger Fee fan than I am of Barr even though I’ve been talking about Barr a lot more lately. I used to blog about Fee a lot more on my old blog. Now whether I’m a bigger fan than Rob, who knows? Well actually yeah I am a bigger fan. ; )

    I would have said Tilling was fanboy of… Tilling.
    : )

    Nick your backing off Hurtado a bit? What?! I definitely agree with you assessment of Fee. You looking forward to Hurtado’s new book coming out?

    So who is Jason a fanboy of?

  6. Bryan: Not backing off; just wanting more! If he’s gonna stay my favorite he’s gotta keep up with the pack. I’m very much looking forward to the book on God in NT theology. I hope it gets published on time.

    Mark: Brian’s defense, who isn’t? 😉

  7. Wow I acutally made a list!

    I am a bigger fan than Bryan! And he is an Anti-Tabite 😉

    Just kidding it was Bryan’s blog that help me know and come to love the writings of Gordon Fee. I do own just about all of his books, just need a few more and I’ll have his complete collection.

  8. Jeremy: Joel and Todd Bentley–how did I miss that??? 🙂

    Bryan: I guess maybe I should check out this Fee guy! 😉

    Brian: I’ve got one of Gathercole’s books for review and it looks promising, and, Bauckham is good, too. I’m curious, though, how I have been construed as a Jim West fan boy!!! 🙂

    Robert: Of course you made the list–you’re a part of the “in” crowd! 😛

    Scott: It just seemed so natural!

    Esteban: I can’t believe that I didn’t add you to the list, for your devotion to the man who is Moisés Silva is known the world wide (well, if the world is the biblioblogosphere)! I beg your forgiveness!

    Of whom am I a fan boy? One scholar whose works I’ve enjoyed immensely is John Walton, which is kind of odd considering I am pursuing my degree in NT!

    1. In the words of the great Stephen Colbert, “Apology accepted!” 😉 (As an aside, I should like to note that Mr Colbert is the great theoretician behind the doctrine of Silvanic infallibility. Witness what he once said of the Pope of Rome: “Just because he’s infallible, doesn’t mean he’s can’t make mistakes!” Exactly.)

      And yes, I suppose “devotion” is about right. I would say “religious fervor,” but I reserve that particular temptation for Paul Simon.

  9. I like N.T. Wright – New Testament scholar (favorite!); Roger Olson – Arminian scholar; Walter Brueggeman – Old Testament scholar; Kevin Vanhoozer – Systematic Theologian

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