Just Wondering

I was wondering if anyone knew/could recommend publications that address these particular issues, preferably more than just a cursory explanation:

Christus Victor view of the atonement

Rapture (and no, I don’t mean the likes of LaHaye and Hagee!)


Αυτω η δοξα,



10 thoughts on “Just Wondering”

    1. My understanding of Wright is that he would hold to the Christus Victor view only as part of a wider view of the atonement. His view on justification seems to suggest that Christus Victor is not his predominant take as far as justification would be concerned.

  1. The classic statement of the Christus Victor “view” is Gustaf Aulén’s book by the same name. There have been many critiques and refinements of this, but there’s no sense in reading those if you haven’t read their starting point.

    As for the “rapture,” I too recommend the Zondervan Counterpoints volume.

  2. Jason, as one who holds to Christus Victor view of atonement, I would recommend Atonement and Violence – A Theological Conversation (edited by John Sanders). It contains (four?) essays on the subject of atonement, with the focus being on Christus Victor and penal substitution. I did a review of it on my blog earlier this year.

  3. Jason, we have a resident expert on Calvin’s doctrine of the atonement at SWBTS. Dr. Kevin Kennedy recently wrote his doctoral dissertation arguing that Calvin actually did not teach limited atonement as defined by Dortian and modern Calvinist theologians. By the way, Dr. Quarles holds this same view, as we have discussed before. Anyways, you may want to buy a copy of his dissertation which was published as a book and can be found at the SWBTS bookstore. Also, the SWBTS library will probably let you check out a copy for free.

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