Books, Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous, Random, Whatever…

Just thought I’d share a few random thoughts…

My 5 most-listened-to songs over the last little while

I started writing my paper today on comparing biblical and ancient near eastern creation accounts.

My iPhone 4 is slated for delivery tomorrow—Yay!

I won a cd! The Heart of Man by In the Midst of Lions—can’t wait!

Picked up another book on sale at the local bookstore for only $5—Recovering Theological Hermeneutics: An Incarnational-Trinitarian Theory of Interpretation by Jens Zimmerman.

I guess that’s it for now.

Αυτω η δοξα,



2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous, Random, Whatever…”

    1. Brian: To say that I love this phone would be an understatement. I really liked my Blackberry, but it doesn’t compare to this phone. The reception issues are real, but they haven’t been a problem.

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