Hebrew, Old Testament

OT Textual Criticism

Having to work through yet another set of text-critical issues for my paper, I am content to think of such exercises as providential plagues! How long, O Lord, how long?

Αυτω η δοξα,


5 thoughts on “OT Textual Criticism”

  1. Are you saying you don’t enjoy the intricacies and conjectural nuances of OT textual criticism??? 🙂 (If I may be so bold as to ask) What passage/s are you working on in particular that is such a “providential plague”? Personally I find great joy in studying out text critical issues (its kind of like a game to me…and I definitely want to “win” :-).

  2. Rick: Yes, you have made an astute observation! 🙂 I am working through Jeremiah 23:1-8, specifically on the t-c notes for verse 5. It’s not an overly difficult set of variants, but I just don’t enjoy the process. I am glad, however, that folks like yourself enjoy this kind of work because I do believe it is important. I would probably enjoy the task a bit more if I were not always under a time constraint to have it finished!

  3. Time constraints do have a way of taking the fun out of many things (but they also have a way of reminding us to stay on task…which I need OFTEN). Deadlines (pastoral and scholastic) keep me working day and night when I just feel like doing whatever…hopefully its for the best. 🙂 Blessings to you in your studies!

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