Good to Know

El Bryan Libre thinks I’m an ok guy. Good to know–thanks Bryan!

“Some are definitely not jerks and are cool as heck, like Jason above.”

For the record, Bryan is a swell guy, too!

Αυτω η δοξα,



3 thoughts on “Good to Know”

  1. Is that Jason admitting to being a “Calvinist” in a public forum??? Oh man, we better not let the Southern Baptist police find out about this.

    By the way, we share almost the exact same beliefs in these matters… I have just never heard you use the C-word to describe yourself. I much prefer Particular Baptist, and it’s convenient, too, because no one know what it means!

  2. Brian: Well, not exactly, but for the sake of simplicity, I can identify myself with Calvin on a lot of issues. However, as you know, “Calvinism” is a term heavy laden with much misunderstanding and baggage, so I generally avoid it. I like your approach, however–ambiguity!

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