Blogger’s Block

Well, it should be obvious that I’ve slacked off a bit from blogging. Aside from being gone a couple of weeks ago, I’ve just run into a wall–I have nothing of great importance to say. So, to break the blogging void, I thought I’d post something.

I am currently reading D. Brent Sandy’s Plowshares and Pruning Hooks: Rethinking the Language of Biblical Prophecy and Apocalyptic. It’s been a great read so far. The subject is interesting to me and Sandy is a good writer. I doubt I will post any comments or thoughts on it since I am reading it for class (which began Wednesday), but I would recommend it to you, for what that’s worth!

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block”

  1. I’ve just run into a wall–I have nothing of great importance to say

    I have been going thru exactly the same, coupled with a chronic low in confidence. Every other blogger seems to bloomin’ clever and interesting…..

  2. Jason,
    Writers block really sucks. I had a case of it for about four months ago. My one blog is just post after post of book reviews. The other one is pretty new, but I have nothing to say there either…or can’t think of anything to say.

    I hear that and second it.

  3. Jason,

    I never have anything important to say, but it doesn’t stop me 😉

    Hang in there it will pass, sometimes shutting down for a bit is good and even healthy, you have a full plate, family, pastoring, school, I’m in the same place and it’s not easy sometimes to dedicate the time to write well thought out blogs.

  4. Stuart: Yep!

    Craig: Yes, it does. I actually considered starting a couple of other blogs to discuss other things I enjoy (food and music), but figured that would be too time consuming at present. I’ll just have to fight through this, because my blog is so terribly important! (The last line, of course, is meant to be very sarcastic!)

    Robert: I always enjoy your posts (except when it’s about the Lakers!)! Yeah, I think maybe it’s just a phase, but again, this blog is hardly important for anything, though I do enjoy the conversations that are a result of posts here and there. Anyway… Maybe after my summer session I’ll be refreshed!

  5. Jason, blog about the food and music here, I am still interested in reading your coffee journey. I think of you once in a while when I am making my espresso in the morning, wondering how your coffee trip is coming along. No thanks to you sometimes I think “should I grind my beans”? Then I think “to much trouble”, I have a good system in place and the coffee is as good as Starbucks, if not better and that is just fine with me.

  6. Robert: I still may blog about food and music, but to what extent I don’t know. I wanted to do restaurant reviews, and I still may, but I haven’t decided yet. Ah, my coffee journey! Well, It’s been a little while since I got that espresso machine and I’ve made probably 3/4 of a bag’s worth of espresso (lattes and such) and they were drinkable, but nothing close to coffee shop quality. I still plan to get a grinder and freshly roasted beans someday, but no time soon! If I could get Starbucks quality out of my set up, I would be thrilled!

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