iPhone 3Gs or 4?

Ok iPhone users—how many of you are trading in your 3G(s) for the iPhone 4? As I mentioned some time ago, we’re up for contract renewal in July and we’re going to get iPhones. I wonder, though, if it would be better to get the iP4 or spend a good deal less and get a 3Gs and upgrade to OS 4. I’ve read that not all of the perks of the OS 4 will come with the upgrade from 3G, but is it worth that much more? I’ve never been able to multitask before and I don’t need video-phone capabilities. I am likely going to get the 32-gigabyte 3Gs for the same price as a 16-gig iP4.

What are you going to do, iPhone lovers?

Αυτω η δοξα,


5 thoughts on “iPhone 3Gs or 4?

  1. Go for the new iPhone. You don’t want to regret getting the old one everytime you hear of some cool new thing the new iPhone can do that your old one can’t. I would get a new one if I had the money. I’m even considering trading mine in at Radioshack so I can.

  2. I had planned on upgrading, but my 3g took an unfortunate bath in a Sonic Cranberry Limeade (quite possibly the dew of heaven referred to in scripture), so I couldn’t wait for the 4 to arrive-otherwise I would have upgraded 😦

    If you are in a location where reception is questionable, you might consider getting the 4 because of the built-in antennae.

  3. Not an iPhone owner, but if I was going to get one I would get the “4.” The reason? the extended battery life. Valuable when you go somewhere and can’t plug in for a charge.

  4. I’m still satisfied with my old 3G, though I do like the new phone. I’m thinking of getting an Android phone eventually since they’re much easier to develop for, so I may opt for an iPad instead of getting another iPhone. It’ll depend on how good accordance’s app is!

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