A Biblical Studies Sackgasse?

He who sits upon the throne over all bibliloblogdom calls for an end to biblical studies as they are. Jim writes with brute honesty and a bit of sting (would you expect anything else?) concerning the a­-theistic clutch in which biblical studies tends to be held.

He’s right on point when he says

“First, and foremost, the Bible is the Church’s book (and the Synagogue’s) (pace Philip Davies!). People of faith wrote it, preserved it, collected it, and passed it along. Faith is the string which holds the pearls (of texts) together. Atheists and unbelievers didn’t write a word of it, transmit it, preserve it, or pass it along. No one can argue with the fact that the Bible is the book of the people of faith. It belongs to us. Not to the atheists. They are now and have been and always will be outsiders to it. Their point of view, then, is as mere observers. Atheists are to biblical studies what television commentators are to a sporting event: they are off the field, in a booth, secure behind glass, opining concerning what others should have or could have done without ever bothering to take the field themselves.”

Read the whole thing here.

Αυτω η δοξα,



9 thoughts on “A Biblical Studies Sackgasse?

  1. Wow! Jason, thanks for directing us to Dr. West’s piece. Did he hit that nail on the head or what? I am going to hold on to that one. I encourage everyone to go to the link and read his entire essay. However, the responses of most of his critics are merely ‘entertainment’…. no that’s not the word, ‘drudgery.’ That’s it!

  2. John: I remember reading your post on first impressions at SBL and that Jim was much more subdued than his blogging persona. I would like to meet him someday. I do plan to attend SBL or other regional meetings in the future, so perhaps I’ll get to meet him then, and all my other blogging buddies, too!

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