My Desktop

Just for fun, I followed Michael and Nick in posting a picture of my computer desktop. It’s nice and clutter-free with everything nicely in its place. Here’s the key to the numbers.

  1. My folder; yeah, the trophy’s not an ego thing, I just wanted something different!
  2. My school stuff; I figured the light bulb was appropriate.
  3. Old Testament; this is where I house all things related to my study of OT texts. Each biblical book has its own folder so everything stays orderly.
  4. New Testament; organized the same way as the OT folder.
  5. Sermons; I keep all my sermons in a separate place. I used to house them along with the exegetical outlines and such, but it became too cluttered.
  6. Books; here I keep all my book review documents.
  7. My blog; I keep all my blog graphics and such here.

The items in the taskbar are easily identifiable, at least most of them. Word, BW8, Bible Navigator, Windows Commander (file management program), iTunes, Google Earth, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The wallpaper is a hole from the Hill Country Golf Club in San Antonio, TX, where we played a couple of weeks ago.

That’s it! I know your day has been enriched by this post!

Αυτω η δοξα,



9 thoughts on “My Desktop”

  1. HaHaHa – If I weren’t as obsessive about organizing as you are, I might find this puzzling. But your dt makes sense. Good work, man!! Oh, by the way, lovely picture of a fishing pond. And wasn’t it nice of them to put out a flag to show where the fish are biting?

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