Christians and Entertainment

This post was spawned from the comments on my “Ringtones” post. Basically I wonder what your opinions are on what is “acceptable” for Christians to watch/listen to/read in terms of “secular” entertainment? I watch tv and movies, listen to some “secular” bands, and read some non-Christian books, and do so without a crisis of conscience. That doesn’t mean that I open the gate and let just anything through—I do try to be discerning. For example, I don’t listen to anything that celebrates/promotes destructive behavior or attitudes, is antagonistic towards Christianity (or any religion for that matter), or is just plain offensive.

When it comes to music, like most people, I am very particular. I like what I like and I can’t often explain why. I like to think of it in terms of food. Music is like the texture and lyrics the taste. If I can’t get past the texture, I can’t enjoy the taste. Same with music—if I don’t like the music, I usually can’t enjoy any message that might be there. Of course there are exceptions to this, but most of the time that’s the way it pans out.

So, what do you think—what’s acceptable for you?

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Christians and Entertainment”

  1. I’m good with pretty much anything but I stay away from movies and television shows with a lot of nudity. Music-wise I’m not as particular although I shy away from death metal and anything having to do with Satanism [and no, I don’t consider all secular music Satanic ;-)].

  2. Nick: Yeah, I stay away from those kinds of movies, too. I once thought of all secular music as bad, but that was a long time ago. I remember I spent the night once with a good friend (his dad was my pastor) and I left several cds at their house (Guns N Roses I remember specifically). Come to find out that when they were found, they were subsequently destroyed! I wish they hadn’t been!

  3. I don’t watch stuff that is particularly violent in an overly realistic way as it stays in my head. I also don’t care for overly disturbing or sick movies for the same reason. Other than that I don’t really care much about most mainstream stuff.

    As for music I don’t listen to any satanic metal or music that is particularly anti-God in a silly way (I don’t mind music expressing disappointment with God or stuff like that). That stuff makes me feel guilty and even a little upset for listening to it (like listening to someone talk crap about your family). That means I don’t listen to “South of Heaven” by Slayer even though it jams. I also don’t listen to rap music with pointless gratuitous cursing or that constantly raps explicitly about sex. It just feels like a waste of time.

  4. Bryan: Good way to approach things. I generally don’t watch overly-violent movies for the same reasons–I don’t like the images recurring in my thoughts. I watched the Saw and Hostel movies and wish I hadn’t watched Hostel (either installment).

    I’m with you on rap. I like a few songs here or there from years past, but nothing that is overtly sexual and/or vulgar. I hate songs that glorify the damnable, so that rules out a lot right off the bat.

  5. It is hard to know where to draw the line sometimes and I often ponder these things as well. Although, if you have to seriously question something, then it is likely not to be appropriate. The is my conclusion of the matter: I believe that God’s standards are so high and that our standards are so low that we would be shocked by how God feels about the things in our society that we don’t even question.

  6. Brian: Yeah, the line is often blurry or seems to keep moving. But, you’re right, if you have to keep thinking about it and trying to find a way to soothe your conscience, it’s probably something to forsake.

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