Ok, so this is more of a facebook-type question, but I was curious: what song/s do you have for you ringtones/notifications? I only have song tones for calls and texts. They are:

  • Calls – Guitar solo from Pangea by As They Sleep (from 3:30-4:15)
  • Texts – They Were One by Living Sacrifice (first 20 seconds, then fades out). This is one of my favorite riffs I’ve heard lately.

I change ringtones like socks (and like blog headers!), so who knows what will be alerting me a week from now!

So, what about you?

Αυτω η δοξα,


18 thoughts on “Ringtones

  1. Music on mine:

    Ringtone is Music Box. BUT I have it on vibrate most of the time because I don’t want it going off at school, and then I forget to change it over.

    More importantly is my alarm on the phone. Right now it’s something called Fur Elise. Harpsichord, Slavic sounding. Took me forever to find something that didn’t make me jump out of my skin at 5 a.m.

  2. Since I’m rockin’ the Droid I can easily set any mp3 (or any part of any mp3 I want) that I have on my phone as a ringtone. Everyone that calls me fairly regularly has their own ringtone then, so I know who it is by just the ringtone.

    Wife work – Smile by Uncle Kracker
    Wife cell – I Melt by Rascal Flatts
    Wife home – Brown Eyed Girl by Jimmy Buffett
    Dad cell – Doo Wah Diddy (our favorite song when I was growing up)
    Mom cell – It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones (she LOVES Tom Jones)
    Sister cell – Tik Tok chorus by Ke$ha
    Parents home – Home by Chris Daughtry
    Parents work – My Town by Montgomery Gentry

    If someone doesn’t fall into one of these categories they have the ‘generic’ ringtone, which used to be Billy Joel “Everybody Loves You Now” but has recently been changed to “Give You Hell” by the Glee Cast.

    Yes, eclectic. And odd. But that’s me.

  3. I have Star Wars, Up, Exorcist, Godfather – it was fun to switch between Darth Vader theme and the Exorcist for my wife, now I have the theme from Up when she calls me. I also use Goofy yelling for a friend and the Godfather theme for my pastor. It’s all in fun LOL

  4. John: Yes, you are quite the eclectic one! Odd? Definitely! 😉

    Robert: Darth Vader and the Exorcist for your wife–what did she think of that?!?

  5. I make my own. I have the climax from the beginning of Thriller, something from the end of a Jaqi Velasquez (sp?) song, some bits from Mahler Symphonies and then a couple I acquired of a wolf howl and a lion roar. I don’t own a cell phone. They’re for hourly chimes on my computer which remind me to review memorized Scripture or Greek vocab.

  6. Jeff: I don’t listen to anything even remotely evil. Sounds odd for a Christian to say such a thing, but there are strong opinions for many on what kind of music Christians can listen to. Clearly, I have no qualms with it!

  7. I was pretty much joking. I just don’t want to hear “Highway to Hell” or something which I’m certain you wouldn’t use! I like hard rock and heavy metal style music but there isn’t much out there of that style in secular music that I like.

  8. Jeff: Well, I certainly don’t have any AC/DC on my phone! The problem for me is the sheer multitude of bands in that genre whose music I like, but whose lyrics I can’t stand. It’s one thing for songs to be rather meaningless, but another to be antagonistic towards Christ and religion in general.

    Robert: I have one of REZ Band’s cds and I love it! I discovered them back in the late 90s. I’ve not heard much of their older stuff, but their Lament cd is great!

  9. What’s wrong with AC/DC or Highway to Hell?

    My musical taste, as you can tell from my ringtones above, is about as eclectic as you can get. On my phone I have oldies (Eye of the Tiger, It’s My Party), Country (Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, etc. etc. . . . love me some country!), Alternative/Rock (Ugly Kid Joe, Coldplay, etc.), pop (Michael Jackson, etc.), rap (I love Kid Rock), and tons of Billy Joel. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  10. John: Well, AC/DC certainly has their share of questionable lyrics, and Highway to Hell falls into that category. I can’t listen to a song that seems to celebrate destructive behavior. However, that doesn’t mean that all of their songs are bad. I still like a couple of their songs from years past, but I don’t listen to them much these days.

    To say that your musical taste is eclectic is accurate! My tastes are quite varied, though I tend toward heavier music most of the time. I also love classical, vocal (Bocelli, Cura, Brightman, etc), some folk, acoustic, some rap, and others. The two genres I have no use for are pop/techno/dance and country. I went through a country phase in high school and I just assume not revisit those times. Plus, I just don’t like the music.

    Anyway, to each his own!

  11. I would call Bocelli more new age style, but I’m a purist. I like the sound of AC/DC too and listened to them in high school but just can’t anymore. I used to be an orchestral musician, played in big bands and my favorite now is electronic music. No country for me though.

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