Almost There

Just a week and a half of my first semester at DTS remains and I am ready for the break. Seminary this time around is so different that I can’t even compare the two! Nevertheless, I’ll tough it out. Only four assignments to finish in the next 9 days–nothing to it!

Αυτω η δοξα,



10 thoughts on “Almost There”

  1. I well remember my first semester in seminary. By far the hardest! Cheer up, I do think things get a bit easier once you make the transition from college to seminary.

  2. Dr. Black: Yes, and this is my second time around! I can say without a doubt that this has been the hardest semester of them all, and there’s no relief in sight!

  3. Try being out of school for 20 years then going back to finish your BA! Good lord I am so undisiplined and it doesn’t help that I’m doing it on line. Hang in there it’s just for a season and before you know it will be over so enjoy the ride.

  4. Robert: I can’t imagine your situation! But I am glad that you’ve decided to tackle it and finish–blessings to you!

    TC: So, when are you going back for your PhD? 😉

  5. Jason,

    I got accepted into two oversea ThD programs but had to forgo the matter until I can raise enough finance.

    To answer your question, I need money. 😀

  6. TC: Yes, $$$ is often an issue. I read/hear about a lot of guys throughout the blogosphere applying to PhD programs and one of the things they look for is a stipend/scholarship to cover all the costs. I guess that’s why so few spots are available at a lot of the big-name schools. We’ll be shelling out around $30k for mine, so I get it. It hurts to write that check every semester!

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