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Rising blog star Brian LePort, who blogs at Near Emmaus, shares his thoughts on the passing of Antony Flew, the former atheist who captured the attention of many in recent years for his embrace of “theism.” Your thought for the day is Brian’s concluding thought:

“I know the exclusivity of Christ is unpopular today, even amongst Christians. If we are going to compromise this aspect of the gospel it seems to me that we should not stop with deism or agnosticism. We may as well go all the way to including atheist as well. In the end the difference for people like the Apostle Paul was not atheism-theism; it was “in Adam” or “in Christ”. When we are satisfied with someone renouncing atheism while rejecting Christ it is my humble opinion that we have compromised our gospel.”

For some context, read the whole post here.

Αυτω η δοξα,



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