Ok, so I’m the usual several-years behind most others and I have not purchased an iPhone. I’ve played around with iPhones and I really want one and have since they were introduced. I love gadgets and the iPhone seems to be the ultimate! I have no questions about their usefulness and their capabilities. We’re up for contract renewal this summer and I may bite the bullet and get one. My only hesitancy is (besides the ridiculous price tag) is the cost of owning one.

$70/month for the voice plan, $30/month for data, and $20/month for texting = $120/month just for my phone! We have unlimited text now, so the cost would only go up the $30 for data, right?

So, my question for you iPhoners out there is: “Is it worth it?” I would assume it would be like any other gadget—I’d wonder how I ever lived without it!

Will/has AT&T do/done anything to group texting and data (like other companies who have wised up and have done)?

Looking forward to your comments.

Αυτω η δοξα,



31 thoughts on “iPhone”

  1. I cut back on my price a little by not having the unlimited texting. I use the TextFree app (means what it sounds like) for people that I text with a lot. Only issue is that it only works with 3G or withing a wifi network (I’m within a wifi network a considerable amount of the time). So, I do have to do some texting with the regular messaging, but it doesn’t equate to the cost of the unlimited texting plan. You can purchase something like 200 texts a month for five dollars a month. Between TextFree and that, it might easily cover you dependent on your situation.

    Even without the cutting back, I think it’s worth it.

  2. Wow. I pay $75/month for unlimited data/texting/voice via Sprint. That’s absolutely ridiculous to pay $120/month.

    I’d say use Google voice for texting to avoid paying for texting..but Apple doesn’t like playing with them as it is.

    Why do you really need the iPhone? There are just as good alternatives out there if not better in some areas. You could always wait for one of these… http://now.sprint.com/evo/

  3. Yes it’s worth it. You are going to pay the same amount for voice and text regardless of the phone you choose. If you already have unlimited text then it applies to the iPhone as well. All that’s different is that you’d have to add the $30 for data. Now with ATT you’re gonna have to add $30 for any phone you want data on (I could be wrong and they might have special voice and data plans that don’t apply to the iPhone).So the question is whether you want A phone with Internet or not.

    The price is either $100 for an older 3g model or $200 for the 16 gig 3gs. It seems any comparable smart phone is gonna be in that range. you can’t even get a regular iPod/Touch for that price.

    I would choose the iPhone over any other type of phone, they make great phones and they work the way they’re supposed to. But if you do you might want to wait ’til June to see what Apple is gonna do since they are supposed to make an announcement in June and there’s a good chance it’s gonna be about a new iPhone.

  4. Yes, yes and YES! However, my wife and I each have an iPhone, and for the two of us to have unlimited data & text our bill is approx. $150 (so, it is more cost effective to have multiple lines-for us). We don’t have unlimited talk, but att has rollover and unlimited talk to other att users (I think), so we rarely go over our minutes.

    I’ll say this, I couldn’t wait to get one, I’m a gadget guy. My wife did not want one, she didn’t care. So I waited years to get one. But, now, you would have to pry her iPhone from her cold-dead hand. Personally, I’ve used Palm phones, Windows Mobile phones, and others (I used to have a problem 😉 ), but the iPhone is by far the best phone I’ve ever used. Enjoy!

  5. My wife and I both just have normal phones, and we pay $80 a month (we have unlimited texting). I think what we pay is waaay to much. So my answer to your question would be yes, yes it is too much.

  6. Jeremy: My wife doesn’t want in iPhone, so we’d keep the unlimited texting. In that case, I would just text as usual.

    Nick: I know, it’s a bit much. But I am a sucker for gadgets! Plus, I never bought an iPod, so this way I can double up!

    Andrew: That’s a great price! I wish AT&T would get with the program and do the same! They’re going to have to do something–they can’t ride the iPhone wave forever! Also, I’ve heard that Apple is coming out with a 4G iPhone. Could be all hearsay, but it will be a necessity to keep up with the competition.

    Bryan: I thought about renewing and getting a new Blackberry, but those all require data now, so I might as well get the iPhone. And, I would probably go with the 16-gig 3Gs.

    Peter: That’s not too bad for two iPhones, though I don’t know if we’ll go that route. My wife, however, my have a different opinion! It’s unfortunate that AT&T doesn’t allow data sharing like with the texting. That would be a great draw! Or at least a reduced rate for multiple data plans.

  7. Kevin: We pay more than that now, so adding $30/month wouldn’t be terribly noticeable. I am sure I will cave and get one, but I still wish the rates were a bit more competitive!

  8. Get an iPad I did and love it. I do have a google android phone but hardly use it now that I have my iPad. There is just so much more you can do with the iPad. Plus you will find it extremely useful for school, teaching, and preaching. Plus you can run all of the iPhone apps on it.

    If you do want a smart phone just get the Palm pre plus on verizon, it’s $50 bucks with a data plan contract but you will also get free WiFi hotspot which means you can run your laptop, iPad, up to five devices all connected to your palm pre plus via WiFi.

  9. The iPhone knock-offs are just that…knock-offs. I’m a lot like you. I’ve wanted an iPhone for a while, but didn’t get one. In fact, we went without cell phones since last May. We finally switched back, and I got myself an iPhone (for my birthday). I got a low minute family plan and no texting (I use a free texting service similar to the one Jeremy mentioned). It’s worth it for me considering everything the iPhone is and does. If you’ll use it, it’s worth it. We just cut back in other equally non-essential areas. I have to admit, as much as I like my iPhone, I could do without it. I mean, having been cell-free for a year, I could do without a cell all together, but we went back to it for convenience sake.

  10. Robert: I just bought a laptop a few months ago, so no iPad for me! That’s no problem, though, because I don’t think it would be that handy for me. I dislike reading digital documents and I don’t know that I would like it for papers and such as well as a laptop. I could be wrong, so you’ll have to type up a research paper on it and let me know how it goes!

    John: But I’ve been with AT&T for nearly 9 years–I can’t bail now! From what I’ve heard, the Droid is a good device. Maybe AT&T will get their heads out of the clouds (or wherever they may be stuck!) and make the dang iPhone a tad more affordable.

    Will: I can’t imagine getting along with no cell phone–I have become quite dependent! Like most, I don’t need an iPhone; it’s purely a want issue. I am leaning rather heavily toward owning one, but it’s not a done deal yet. But, there’s no question–if I pay that much for a phone, I’ll use the σκυβαλα out of it!

  11. I played with a couple of Droids and they were way too heavy for my taste. The stuff they could do was cool but they felt so bulky. iPhones are a little bigger than I’d like a phone to be as well but at least they’re light and the big screen really does work well for PDFs. That phone that Andrew linked to above looks pretty cool. In the end though it’s the data plans that will keep me from ever getting one of those types of phones. As it stands I could get a data plan for my phone but I won’t because it’s too much money and I don’t think I’d take advantage of it. The only reason I even have the phone I have now is because it was a free upgrade. Otherwise I’d have stuck with my trusty flip phone.

  12. Nick: All valid points. What’s odd is that I feel like I already have to carry too much crap in my pockets (Blackberry, wallet, business card wallet, keys), so an iPhone would only make it worse! Yet, as this mountain of reasons why I shouldn’t bother with one stands before me, I want one anyway! Consumer at heart, I guess.

  13. Ok, so what have we learned here? Nick is too wimpy to hold a droid (!!!! wink). Personally, that’s one thing I like about the droid. I had an iPod touch prior and the thing was like holding a feather. I didn’t care for that at all. I like the bulk. With a name like “droid” what do you expect.

    And Jason, for me it is almost entirely a matter of network. ATT’s network is not reliable. Verizon is solid. Plus, I’ve been with Verizon for a number of years, so I can at least empathize with your position.

  14. John:
    iPhones are heavier than iPod Touches. And there was a study done that actually placed AT&T above Verizon in reliability. It caused quite a stir on the CNet podcast Buzz Out Loud because they love to bash on AT&T and praise Verizon. The truth hurt.

    The only reason people have a Droid instead of an iPhone is because they’re not on AT&T. If AT&T’s exclusivity ends and they open up to other carriers (which will eventually happen) then you will see all the people dropping their Droids and getting the real thing.

    The $30 is worth it and once you get an iPhone you will have a hard time ever going back. Plus think of all the other things you waste $30 on a month that don’t come anywhere near to providing the same utility and convenience.

    Ok I’m done. : )

  15. El Bryan Libre: Outside of the Apple bubble there are a lot of people who are happier with a Droid than an iPhone and many studies showing AT&T worse on reliability and availability. Surprising yes, but it is true. I am one of them.

    1. I’m not really in the Apple bubble. I vow to never own a Mac and I think the iPhone could use improvement in certain areas (I’m still pissed that they never got tethering), although what it does it does great.

      Have you owned an iPhone? I’ve never owned a Droid so I can’t say I’m happier with an iPhone. I can say that I have no desire to own a Droid phone and I do think it’s funny how even techie iPhone bashers who own Droids are holding out hope that the iPhone will go to Verizon. I know we all love to hate Apple but they make dang good phones that work the way they’re supposed to work.

      BTW widgets don’t sound that great. I can’t think of anything that I need flashing instant info to me on my desktop or that I need an even shorter route to get to. Do you notice a decrease in performance with your widgets running?

      1. Bryan, for the record I think that Apple makes excellent products. We would not not even be having this chat if it weren’t from them. But I do love widgets 😉

  16. I own the iPad and the Verizon Driod Eris. I am not at all a cult Apple user and this is my first apple product that I own. There are pros and cons to both systems. Bryan I don’t care what cnet said I never, ever get dropped calls and all my friends that own iPhones get dropped calls all of the time.

    The eris is an amazing phone, and so is the palm pre plus, and the only advantage that I see the iPhone has is they were first so they defined what a smartphone should be that is why it is always compared. They are finaly going to do multitasking, and folders but they still don’t do widgets. Widgets are amazing and I wish I had them on my iPad. You don’t know what you are missing they will change your life ;-). Job’s did dodge this question.

    Apple isn’t marketing it’s iProducts to geeks, it is marketing it’s products to the average consumer and they highly out number the geeks. I love the iPad it’s simple and ease to use. But there are times i wish it was a bit more open like the the droids without having to hack it. Based on what I saw in iPhone 4.0 they are responding to the google pressure, so I suppose it’s just a matter of time before we see widgets on iPhone OS. The good thing about all of this is we have choices and this puts pressure on the SW companies to deliver better products.

  17. I never knew the iPod’s didn’t have widgets. That’s actually really surprising. I use them constantly on my Droid and feel like the phone would lose significant ease-of-use without them.

  18. John: If I wanted a heavy cell phone I’d get one of these. 😉

    Bryan: I was an AT&T customer for about 5 years and then I went to T-Mobile and then Verizon. In my experience Verizon is by far the best.

    Robert & Andrew: How do widgets differ from apps? I’m afraid I’m not quite techy enough to understand all this stuff.

  19. Widgets are placed on your “desktop” in place of applications and give you information related to whatever you want. Different applications will make different widgets available.

    On my Droid I have 4 widgets I run. On my main screen I have a mini personal calendar (takes place of 4 icons) and a mini work calendar that gives me easy to see and instant agenda updates/calendar stuff. On a second screen I have a power widget that lets me easily turn on and off wifi/bluetooth/gps/auto-updates/or LCD brightness (3 levels). On that screen I have another widget that tells me what music I have playing in the background and some basic controls to go with it.

    Rather than switching applications it lets me operate a bunch of background or system tasks easily.

  20. Nick, I have a photo album widget that I can flick through photos, and i also have the following widgets: bookmarks, Twitter, silent, weather, single photo (my wife, and one of me and my son), calendar, music, quick dial. In addition to giving you easy access to these apps, it really allows you to personalize your phone something you can’t do at all with then iPhone.

    Now that I own the iPad I am glad I have a Android phone. The iPad is fine because I don’t take it everywhere. I use it a lot at home, I take it to church and I teach and preach from it. Although it’s been a bit harder teaching from it since keynote does not let me see the presenter notes when doing a presentation. Can’t wait for multitasking!

  21. Great discussion, guys! I would almost consider the Droid if I hadn’t been with AT&T for so long! Maybe I’ll threaten to switch carriers and we’ll get a sweet deal! Has that worked for anyone else?

  22. I’ve become a widgets junkie. Between my calendar (which when I teach is incredibly packed), fb, pictures of my wife and son, music player, pandora radio, daily Bible verse, news, weather for where I live and where my parents live, twitter . . . I am an addict.

  23. John:
    Alll those things you mentioned sound like normal apps.

    Speaking of apps you know you’ll always get the best apps and have them first. Developers are gonna spend more time and money developing for the iPhone. It’s where the money is at.

    I’d be interested in hearing what some of the apps are that people have on their phone.

    If you want all those things on an iPhone (widgets) you can always Jailbreak your phone.

    Btw, I wonder how many here have been commenting with their phone? I’ve been doing so the whole time. That’s one thing I’ll say about the iPhone is that it’s web browsing makes it easy to be away from the computer a lot more.

  24. John: Time to seek help, my brother! 😉 Can the Droid link up with mp3 players in car stereos?

    Bryan: It would be cool to be able to check email, read blog posts/comments, etc. while on the run. You think texting and driving is dangerous! 🙂

    I must say, too, that one of the reasons I want an iPhone is that it would double as an iPod. I know other phones have mp3 players (my Blackberry does), but I love iTunes.

  25. Jason, yes.

    Bryan, they are regular apps. But these apps also come with widgets, which means they are on my homescreen. Makes it a ton easier and more convenient to check, interact with, and update various things. Calendar app is key.

  26. I’m writing this from my iPhone from the boyfriend bench while my wife is shopping. I’d pay a million dollars a month just for that. It also has my logos bible software on it. Another huge advantage. But the best feature is not having to carry a phone and an iPod. But if ur thinking about getting an iPhone, I’d wait till July and get the iPhone 4. It’s gonna be wag cooler.

  27. Jonb: I’ve read of the rumors that the iPhone 4 is coming out this summer, maybe even before. I think we’re going to wait in hopes that it does. Even if it doesn’t, the upgrade will be less expensive in July!

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