By Any Means Necessary…

Evidently that’s the attitude of one church in Corpus Christi, TX. According to reports, Bay Area Fellowship held a massive 15,000-prize give-away to attract potential new members,  including 16 cars. While I’m all in favor of going to great lengths to evangelize the lost, this seems a bit much.

As someone once said—“What you use to get them you’ll have to use to keep them.”

Read the whole story here.

I can just hear Jim West—“Only in Texas…” or read his post “Total Depravity: The Texas Church Giveaway Edition”!

HT: Jared Bridges (First Things)

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “By Any Means Necessary…”

  1. When I read that story, I felt a mix of righteous indignation and utter sorrow. I will just be honest… that “church” is a pagan temple and the people who went there are a bunch of idolators. But I don’t blame the droves that went; they are idolators by nature, just as we once were. The real outrage is the shame that this so-called “pastor” brought upon the name of Christ. There are billions around the world who are perishing without Christ, and they are giving away millions in prizes in the name of Christ. I don’t care that they claim hundreds were saved that day. I cannot possibly believe that a group of pagans who would put on a show like that could have actually preached the true gospel which calls men and women to forsake all things for Christ. No one was saved there on Easter Sunday. Those people were simply encouraged and comforted in their love for the world.

  2. Brian: Yes, I was dismayed as well. Aside from the whole stewardship issue (I don’t how they managed to procure so many prizes), to say such things are unbiblical is an understatement. I am all for meeting needs and I would assume that some of the things they gave away could do so, but the whole production seems a bit askew.

  3. Brian L: Agreed. Though I think there is a fine line between what is acceptable as a means of drawing people to the church, I definitely think this goes beyond the bounds. Is feeding consumerism the only way to reach people for Christ? Unfortunately, many think so.

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