Bible Navigator

When I was in seminary, we received a free copy of Bible Navigator, Special Academic Edition, and I have used it ever since. Like many other basic bible search programs, it’s not suited for in-depth exegetical work (like BibleWorks or Accordance), but it’s good for perusing and searching through English texts.

As of a few months ago, BN stopped working altogether. When I click to open, it processes for a moment and the tells me that BN has failed to open.

I’ve emailed the support team—no response. I haven’t tried reinstalling because I was hoping to avoid that.

BN has also failed to work on my laptop, which runs Windows 7. I assume that this problem is a compatibility issue.

Does anyone have an inkling as to how to resolve these issues?


I reinstalled and things are working with XP. Will try again with W7, but I am not hopeful.

Αυτω η δοξα,


2 thoughts on “Bible Navigator

  1. I’m not sure how the program works or is run. If you find the main executable (if it has one) you could set it to Windows XP mode, or to ‘Always Run as Administrator’. That may help in Windows 7.

  2. Andrew: Thanks for your suggestion. I tried the reinstall on W7 with the Vista patch and it’s working so far. Hopefully I won’t have any more trouble with it!

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