It’s time to reveal some of my deepest darkest secrets…

  • I’ve not read any of N. T. Wright’s books all the way through
  • I’ve never seen the movie Citizen Kane
  • I despise ketchup
  • I could drink orange juice with just about any meal

There. That should keep you sufficiently bewildered.

Αυτω η δοξα,


23 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Never seen Citizen Kane either, and hopefully never will.

    Ketchup is overrated.

    You haven’t read N.T. Wright the whole way through? Heretic!

  2. Matt: I don’t care either way, but sometimes I like enough pulp that I could stand a spoon in it!

    Loren: Ah, hopefully such a fate does not await me!

    Jeff: Perhaps you’ll feel compelled to share your confessions–I plan to do more!

    Carl & Brian: It is a repulsive condiment. The last time I dipped a fry in ketchup was in 7th grade. I thought I’d give it one more shot. I haven’t done so since!

    Kevin: Yes, it is overrated; I don’t think it should even be rated! And, concerning readings of N. T. Wright, perhaps I will soon repent! Any suggestions?

  3. I had to watch citizen kane in college for an English course. Since I can’t remember that far back, I don’t remember if it was any good or not.

    Doesn’t drinking that much juice give you those little mouth ulcers?

    I like spicy mustard with my fries.

    Not an NT Wright fan, although he does have a nice accent.

  4. Who is citizen Kane?

    I read N.T. Wright’s smallest book twice and commentary on 1 Cor for chap 1-4. He ALWAYS has to slip in his political views here and there. drives me nuts. Commentary (for everyone series) is very good. Most concise but substantive writing I’ve read. Otherwise I just can’t handle him.

    I like dark. Spring brings on more depression. There’s a couple for you.

  5. Bitsy: Any ulcers resultant from oj are well worth the pain! And, yes, spicy mustard is good with fries, but not nearly as good as mayonnaise!

    Jeff: Nothing derails my reading faster than politics, yet I enjoy reading history books. Go figure…

  6. I too have not read an N.T. Wright all the way through.

    Never seen that movie and I guess need to be horsewhipped – that’s hilarious.

    I straddle the fence on ketchup, or katsup if you live here in WV

    Not a fan of OJ.


  7. Jesse: Not a fan of oj??? But, uh, why? 😉

    Robert: Glad to know so many others have not finished any of NTW’s books–I don’t feel so bad now!

  8. Jesse: I see. Well, no crime for not preferring I suppose. 🙂

    Jeff: I can’t really say if I am a fan or not of NTW because I’ve not read enough of his work. I do like to listen to him talk, though.

  9. (1) Me neither, although I did read the chapter he contributed to the book he co-authoed with Craig Evans.

    (2) It’s overrated no matter what anyone says!

    (3) I’ll pray for you. Repent of this blasphemy now!

    (4) I can only drink it late at night when there’s nothing else, it’s ice cold, and I have a craving for it. Otherwise it’s Pepsi or water without fail.

  10. Nick: How has NTW been so influential when no one reads his books?!? 😉

    Sorry, I’ll remain an ardent opponent of ketchup…and Pepsi! (ok, so I’ll have a Pepsi if there’s no Coke!)

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