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He’s at it again…

Steven Anderson, that is, and boy is he ticked! In this latest installment, which I happened upon at Loren Rossen’s blog, Pastor Anderson unloads with both barrels against members of his church who have evidently accused some of adding works to salvation because they teach people to pray the sinner’s prayer to become Christians.

As Loren points out, the tirade from 24:45-31:35 is memorable, but what I thought was interesting was Anderson’s comments on what the church is becoming. He says,

“Let me tell you why I’m so mad. Because I am sick and tired of what Faithful Word Baptist Church is turning into…it’s turning into a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about! Because they are only just a parrot who repeat Pastor Anderson!”

My, how telling!

Another gem is when Anderson quotes a member as saying,

“If you haven’t read your bible cover to cover, you don’t know nothin'”!

Heaven help us all…

Just one more. Pastor Anderson says,

“People don’t want to hear you regurgitate my sermon!”

Amen to that!

Well, watch the video, if you dare and not if you just had a hearty meal. And, I heard what sounded like a young child, perhaps an infant, in the audience. So sad…

Αυτω η δοξα,



15 thoughts on “He’s at it again…”

  1. Does anyone else see that spot on the wall? I thought it was on my screen. Kept trying to clean it. Someone should tell him about it, but as it was the most interesting thing about the video…

  2. Brian: Yes, we all live in places that are near nutty preachers. I am from Louisiana, so people always think of Jesse Duplantis, one of the most obnoxious and goofy “preachers” around.

    And, yes, it is quite amazing to read the comments to Anderson’s videos. Poor folks…

  3. There is something oddly addictive about Steven Anderson. When I first saw him (the infamous “Piss Against the Wall” sermon), it was like watching something from Saturday Night Live. Now I can’t get enough of him.

  4. Loren: I know. Quite strange really considering I think he’s way off, but I feel drawn to his lunacy for some reason. Yes, that sermon was my foray into Andersonland and I’m still trying to find my way out! 🙂

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