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Traffic Tip

Want to get an insane number of hits on your blog in a single day, as in 1,144??? It’s simple: be a fan of the New Orleans Saints on their march to a Super Bowl win and post their logo on your blog!

Worked for me!

Αυτω η δοξα,



10 thoughts on “Traffic Tip”

  1. My goodness!!! That is a lot of hits. And it looks like you’ve been doing well for about a week now. The most I’ve ever gotten in one day was 297 back in September when I posted my interview with Darrell Bock. You win by a looooooong shot, my friend! Good job.

  2. Matt: Yes, I still can’t believe I got that many! Now that the Super Bowl is past, I’ve dropped back down to a normal rate.

    Nick: I figured you were a third of those hits because you just couldn’t stop staring at my Saints Super Bowl Champs header!!! 😉

  3. Jason: Keep it up and I’ll post the last screen capture I took of an “insane number of hits”! I can assure you that the posts for that day had nothing to do with the Saints! 😉

    Shouldn’t you be a Cowboys fan by now anyway? 😛

  4. Nick: I’ll heed your warning (though I would like to see what brought so many hits your way)! 😉 And, no, I don’t think I will ever be a Cowboys fan. Nothing against them, but the Saints are my team and always will be!

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