Hebrew, Seminary

Hebrew is…

…killing me!

I’ve mentioned how I’ve neglected my Hebrew since I graduated seminary and now it’s catching up with me. Here’s an analogy. Hebrew is a pool/sea/other body of water and mostly I’ve been able to tread water well enough to keep my head above the surface, maybe even muster the strength to break out into a nice rhythm and actually swim. However, just about the time I get going, something happens and I find myself struggling to stay afloat!

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying exegeting the book of Ruth and hope to avoid completely drowning through the remainder of the semester.

A lesson for the kids out there–don’t neglect your languages when you finish seminary!



2 thoughts on “Hebrew is…”

  1. Jeremy: Well, that is also true! Though it’s been quite rough getting back in the saddle, so to speak, I have managed to recall a fair amount of foundational elements. It’s just the many things beyond that where I am lagging (syntax mainly). But, I will say, that though it’s been a struggle I have improved noticeably in just these 4 weeks.

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