BW8 Verb Filter

I’ve been using BibleWorks for a while now, but I’ve run into something I’ve not quite figured out. Does anyone know how to set the search parameters and/or filters to find only the verbs in a given text/passage? I’ve tried a couple of strings that don’t yield the results I’m after. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “BW8 Verb Filter”

  1. First you want to limit your search. The fastest way to do this is type on the command line the letter “L” (which is the shortbut for “limit” and then the book, verse or pericope.

    Example: l john

    This will limit your search to the Gospel of John. You can shorten book names to the first 3 letters. So a similar limit could be

    l gen (for the book of Genesis)
    l psa (for the book of Psalms)

    A pericope limit could be

    l rom 8 1-5

    Then to get all verbs, you need to make one of the tagged text your search version. If you want the Greek NT, you can use

    BYM or any of the other Green NT tagged text (notice the M at the end of the version name — that stands for Morphology — and if you just type the 3-letter version name on the command line, and hit enter, it will make that version your “search version.”

    Now, to find all the VERBS, you begin your search with a (period without the brackets) which is the search character for an “and seach”.

    After the — use a WILDCARD for “multiple letters” followed by the @ and then V* — it looks like this:


    That means “all lemmas tagged as a verb.

    You will see that once you put in the “period and @ sign” a drop-down menu will help you determine the various parts of speech, nood and tense, etc.

    For more examples, click on the SEARCH pull-down menu and click on “COMMANDLINE EXAMPLES and you will many standard examples.


  2. Jim: I tried it and it did just what you said, but I was searching a Hebrew text and all the words were pointed except the verbs. I really need them to be pointed for pasting into a Word document–any ideas/suggestions?

  3. Jason,

    Go to the HELP menu, and click on BIBLEWORKS HELP MENU

    Then go to chapter 25: The Command Line – Greek and Hebrew

    There is a sub-section there about “Including Vowel Points in Hebrew Searches” – although it might be helpful to read the stuff before it so it is in context.


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