I haven’t had much time to post anything of substance lately, so I thought I’d post about the NFC Championship between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints:

Saints by 7! I would love there to be another blowout administered by the Saints like what they handed the Cardinals, but the Vikings are clearly better than Arizona. Nevertheless, I think it’s the Saints’ year and predict they will not only beat Minnesota, but will also win the Super Bowl!

If you’ve stopped by Jeremy’s blog, you’ve seen that he’s made the same bold prediction for the NFC Championship. He’s even discovered biblical evidence for the Saints’ victory!

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Saints

  1. Man, I’ve hardly been able to think about anything else this week. Been trying to busy my mind with other stuff but, it’s been crazy here. And I live in Hammond. I can’t imagine what it was like in the city this week.

  2. Jeremy: I can only imagine! I bet the atmosphere is like it’s not been there in quite some time!

    Matt: That’s some bible you’re reading! 😉

    Brian: Glad to have you on board! I think a lot of people are pulling for the Saints, for many reasons. Are you originally from PA? I’m just trying to figure out a Steelers fan in Oregon!

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