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Books for this Semester

This semester, my first as a doctoral student, should be fairly manageable. Yes, there will be plenty of reading and papers/assignments, but I think it will be a good transition back into school.

My reading this semester will likely be, comparatively speaking, a bit easier than future classes.

I am taking Teaching in Christian Higher Education and Hebrew Exegesis, in which we’ll be working through various psalms and the book of Ruth.

My readings will come primarily from:

Again, none of the reading is dense, so it shouldn’t be too laborious, but I feel it will be stimulating nonetheless.

Αυτω η δοξα,



8 thoughts on “Books for this Semester”

  1. Jason, when I began teaching back in the Dark Ages I read a book that was absolutely phenomenal — Elton Trueblood’s The Idea of a College. His ideas about integrating faith and learning were especially good. More than that, he showed me how I could bring the best out in my students and create an exciting classroom atmosphere. You might take a look at it if you can.

  2. Dr. Black: I’ll add to the list–thanks for the recommendation! I’ve no previous reading in education, so these should be interesting. I also think they will be helpful, as I hope to be a professor someday. I read the introduction to Fink’s book already and found myself in agreement with his statements, so that’s a good start!

    Nick: Yeah, we’ll see! I’ve read several books on NT TC and have even done course work in it, but I’ve done little in OT TC–should be interesting!

  3. Great! I hope you’ll be able to do some teaching in your doctoral program. My Ph.D. students are eager to get into the classroom, and I’m eager to see that they do. There’s nothing like practical experience to make a good teacher.

  4. Dr. Black: I am sure I will, especially when I get further into the program. Seeing as how I want to teach when I finish the degree, I hope to get as much experience before then as possible!

  5. Ah, that’s a sissy list of books!!! Are they teaching you anything over there at DTS? I’ll catch you up to speed on some of my Master’s level reading at SWBTS.

    Just kidding, I’m sure you are going to have your hands full. I will be praying for your studies and continue to pray for your ministry and the church at Seagoville.

  6. Jason, catching up from my long holiday hiatus. I know you moved to Texas and are going to school, but I can’t find what school you are attending and not sure what degree you are after? Is it a doctorate?

    Either way good for you and congratulations.

  7. Robert: Good to hear from you! Yes, we moved to TX the week after Christmas and we’re settling in nicely. I am a stage 1 PhD student at Dallas Theological Seminary. I started last week and am looking forward to a good semester. I am only taking 6 hours, which is plenty with family and church!

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