Jim West and Texas

As some/many of you probably know, especially Texans, Jim West harbors some mysterious ill towards all things Texas. Before the demise of his blog, you could read through any number of posts and occasionally happen upon a comment reflecting his dislike of the lone-star state. Just tonight I was perusing his Facebook page and noticed he was obviously pulling for Alabama in last night’s BCS championship game.

So my question is, “Why, Dr. West, do you dislike Texas so much?” 🙂

Of course, all this may have been in jest, but it was not always easy to tell with Jim. Perhaps he will offer such an insight to this unfathomable mystery!

Αυτω η δοξα,


9 thoughts on “Jim West and Texas

  1. i dont dislike texas. i actually lived there. twice. once in houston as a 2 year old (but i dont remember that) and the other whilst in the army. it’s a lovely state actually.

    i just like to make fun of texas and texans because ‘everything’s bigger there’ – so their sense of humor should be bigger too!


    toughen up, texas!

  2. There is a problem with constantly saying, I was only joking! Sure, now and then, but it gets to a point when you can’t tell if someone is lightly poking fun or just mean and then telling people they should have a sense of humor. I know because I used to do it myself and am still guilty sometimes because I hate smileys.

    Then there are the truly humor impaired who don’t get when you’re joking no matter how ridiculous the things you say. Sometimes I help them out by letting them know. They can’t help it.

    I once told someone that postmodern is the future and they thought I was serious (and postmodern).

  3. Jim: Thanks for the clarification–good to know I am not cursed after all!

    Jeff: I sometimes have a hard time picking up on humor, probably because all I have to go on is typed text–no facial expressions, vocal intonations, etc. You just never know on-line!

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