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Returning Soon

Wow–this is the longest span between posts in my short blogging experience. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this week. We loaded up and moved to TX Monday and have been unpacking and arranging ever since! We’ve almost got the house completely in order and have even gotten all of our vehicle registration/taxes/licenses done–we’re officially Texans! That’s a good thing, in spite of what Jim West may think! 😉

My office is half-overrun by stacks of boxes loaded with books, so I’ve got to tackle that little by little over the next couple of weeks. Seminary starts in two weeks. I thought life was hectic before!

I hope to be able to be back to the ol’ blog by Monday, as we still have some things to finish up here. Plus, the kids will get here Friday, so our usual hectic lives will begin to return to normal. Not to mention, my reader is getting close to 300 posts to sift through, that after having deleted a number of blog subscriptions. Anyway, I’ll be returning soon, and I know that you’ll all leap for joy at my return! Ok, maybe not. 🙂

Αυτω η δοξα,



3 thoughts on “Returning Soon”

  1. Welcome to Texas! What is your Facebook link? I was told that in the recent newsletter at your new church home you mentioned to look for you on Facebook. There were too many results to choose from … could you post a link on your blog?

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