On Comments

Sorry to sound so dour, but I genuinely hate dislike commenting on Blogger or Beliefnet blogs. There have been a number of times I wanted to chime in on a conversation, but when I would try to comment, I would jump through the requisite hoops, only to run into some sort of hangup that would leave my commenting floating somewhere in cyberspace! I can’t extol the virtues of WordPress highly enough, especially when comparing to Blogger or BeliefNet (which is so beset by ads I am this close to boycotting altogether!).

When will you, o Blogger users, open your eyes and see the light that is WordPress??? Repent!!! Well, just consider WordPress, ok? 😉

Αυτω η δοξα,



7 thoughts on “On Comments”

  1. I’m with you 100%. I know this is going to sound fairly stupid, but there are a couple of blogs that I will not read now simply because they’re on BeliefNet and I really hate dealing with the ads. I know it’s a couple of clicks and they’re gone; but it’s the fact that I know they’re there and I have a deep loathing for ads. Okay, I’ll stop complaining now. Viva la WordPress!

  2. I agree on the comments on blogger.

    I can’t comment on beliefnet because I won’t read their blogs. I don’t care how good they are (and I unsubscribe to someone as soon as they go there), the place is a total disaster.

  3. I won’t read any blog on Beliefnet. And we all know that the commenting features on WP are one of my main selling points when trying to win converts. WP is simply superior to any other blogging platform and I can’t imagine why its competitors haven’t smartened up and done something about that.

  4. Carl: I share your disdain for BeliefNet! Those ads are maddening! I’ve not totally forsaken the few blogs I read there, but I am oh so close!!!

    Bitsy: I was rather disheartened when Scot McKnight and Ben Witherington moved there. 😦 And yes, it is a mess over there. Those flippin’ ads are almost too much to bear.

    Nick: It’s a mystery to me, too. I guess it can be chalked up to Google’s stranglehold on anything internet-related. One thing that irritates me about commenting on Blogger blogs, aside from the occasional lost comment, is when I don’t have the option to leave my name and WP url. I’m forced to comment with my Blogger name and profile and I would prefer not to do that!

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