Quote of the Day

“It is the perennial heresy of the human race to think that by our own efforts we can fit ourselves for the kingdom of God.”

– Leon Morris, The Gospel according to St. John, 194.


Αυτω η δοξα,



12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Excellent quote. This is why salvation is by grace. We all need to do a little introspection here. When we preach the Gospel, do we leave men and women with the impression that the power of regeneration and conversion lies within them or within God? I am thinking of the phrases: “Make a decision” or “Accept Jesus as your personal Savior.” I know many will disagree with this, but please give it some thought. I think that when we plead for a person to repent and place their faith in Christ we need to present the Holy Spirit as the crucial and decisive person in conversion.

  2. Brian: Agreed. You and I have talked about this enough that you know where I stand–pretty much where you do. How does the song go–“At the portals he’s waiting and watching, waiting for you and for me.” That’s quite a visual! I can see Jesus standing there, tapping his foot impatiently, saying to himself, “Would you come on already?!?” 🙂

  3. How about #321 in the Baptist Hymnal: “The Savior is waiting to enter your heart, Why don’t you let Him come in? There’s nothing in this world to keep your apart, What is your answer to Him? Time, after time, He has waited before, And now He is waiting again. To see if you’re willing to open the door, Oh, how He wants to come in.”

    I cherish most of the songs in the Baptist Hymnal, but this one needs to be thrown away. Let us be honest, that hymn is unbiblical and it robs glory from the Lord. Notice, it was written in the 20th century.

    Compare this with #289 written by Josiah Conder (1789-1855): “My Lord I did not choose You, For that could never be; My heart would still refuse You, Had You not chosen me. You took the sin that stained me, You cleansed me, made me new; Of old You have ordained me, That I should live in You. Unless Your grace had called me And taught my op’ning mind, The world would have enthralled me, To heav’nly glories blind. My heart knows none above You; For Your rich grace I thirst. I know that if I love You, You must have loved me first.”

    I have never heard the second hymn in my life, but I have heard the first one numerous times. Why is that?

  4. Brian: Ah, yes! I could probably do without that one, too. #289, however, is a different story. I remember when you found it one day and shared it with me–great hymn. I think it was after you were gone, I chose that hymn during our Sunday evening service. No one said anything, but I wondered if anyone silently objected!

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