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Prosperity Gospel Fun

Because Jesus died so we could live in luxury!

Αυτω η δοξα,


22 thoughts on “Prosperity Gospel Fun”

  1. TC: Jesus said, “Whatever you ask for in my name, you will receive it”–right? 😉

    Bitsy: Sure to breed isolation!

    Shaun: Though my readers recognize the prosperity gospel for what it is, let’s hope this only dissuades! 🙂

  2. Ah hah! I’ve just realized: James the Just’s Jerusalem church can’t have been the real early Christian church. They were so poor Paul was taking up a collection for them. Obviously wrong!

    I wonder how many more bible stories the Prosperity Gospel can clarify?

  3. Great poster. I just used about 6 PoMo posters in an entry I wrote about the EC and fakeness in the Church.

    What’s bizarre is that so many people hear Creflo Dollar, Hinn and others feed them this line – and they ACTUALLY THINK it’s biblical!! I mean, come ON – we’re “the King’s kids!” We DESERVE health, wealth and “blessings”!!

    How did we miss THAT in the Bible, one would wonder…?

  4. Marie: I share your frustration! Dollar, Hinn, Osteen, et al are a silly lot, full of hot air and bad theology. That countless lemmings take their bait is sad, to say the least, and will follow them right off the cliff.

  5. This cracks me up and breaks my heart. I used to be involved in this movement. Ever since I’ve been in seminary the LORD has brought about some changes in my life and delivered me from this. I poked some fun at the Prosperity Gospel in a post titled 6 Practical Reasons why Christians Won’t Hit it BIg Playing the Prosperity Gospel Game

  6. Jesse: Though I present my opinion of the prosperity gospel in jest, I think it to be a most destructive deception. Praise the Lord that he has delivered from this nonsense, and may he deliver others blinded by this false gospel.

  7. Andrew: If only they were still doing the rankings. 😦 However, this post has been one of the most popular so far, hence the second one! I’d like to do more, but I am thinking about sending out the call for others to contribute their one-sentence prosperity gospel slogan and I will compose another poster. We’ll see!

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