Big change is coming to our family…

We’re moving to Texas!

I accepted a call to pastor First Baptist Church, Seagoville, TX, and we will be moving the week after Christmas.

This is such a big transition for us. When we moved here to Forest Hill, LA, after I finished seminary, the transition wasn’t so rough. We were expecting our first child and had come to our first pastorate. It’s not that those were minor changes, but they are nothing like the change that will take place. We now have 4 kids (all 4 years and under), a church family here whom we love dearly, and family just over an hour away (which has been a major blessing on numerous occasions). Then, I was finishing seminary; now, I’ll be starting seminary again! And, there will be significantly more work to do! There’s also the fact that this is familiar territory for us. We’ve been here almost 6 years now, so we know the lay of the land. In TX, it will be pretty much starting over!

Then there’s the actual moving part. Packing up a house indwelled by six people is a lot different than an apartment with only two! My library alone will require its own moving truck!!!

Pastoral ministry is always a challenge. New names, new faces, same ol’ issues. We look forward to these challenges, however, because we feel confident that this is where God has called us. So, we have a few more weeks here in Louisiana, which is weird to say because we were all born and raised here. But, Texas beckons us and we shall go!

In case you’re wondering, Seagoville is about 10-15 minutes southeast of the Dallas metroplex and even closer to Mesquite, which has everything in the world you could want.

I will be starting on my Ph.D. in NT at Dallas Theological Seminary in January, a venture that both excites and terrifies me! I have been out of school since 2004, so I’m a bit rusty when it comes to hardcore research. Preparing sermons every week has kept me involved in the languages (though time constraints limit things a bit), but keeping up with anything in the scholarly world of biblical studies is an added endeavor, one that does not receive the attention other matters do. So, on top of a family of 6 (that includes us parents!), moving all our stuff to TX, and beginning a new church ministry, I’ll have loads of course work, researching, reading, and writing to do…Sounds like fun, eh? 🙂

But, we trust that this is God’s leading, so we must follow. If we cross your mind and you could utter a prayer for us, we would appreciate that very much.

Αυτω η δοξα,



24 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Brian: Thanks, brother!

    Bitsy: That’s great! If you don’t mind, what area does he live in?

    Bryan L: I think I will love Texas! I’ve wanted to live there for a long time now and God has provided the opportunity. I look forward to the new church ministry and seminary (again!)–should be very rewarding!

  2. Dr. Black: Thank you for your prayers. I am sure I will love DTS. My interest in academia is not purely academic; I want to learn from those who love God and his word and don’t just study it as literature, documents, etc. As a pastor, I want to learn from first-rate scholars whose scholarship informs their faith. That’s what I desire to model for the church–faith informed and strengthened by scholarship.

    Nick: Thanks, brother!

  3. Awesome! At some point we’ll have to meet. We can go to Jimmy’s which is a little Italian grocery/restaurant with the best muffalettas in Dallas (among other things). It’s just a few minutes from DTS.

  4. Will you let us know sometime what subject you hope to write on eventually?

    And don’t forget to try the original pancake house either. It’s not far from the campus.

  5. Dr. Black: Yes. I plan to blog throughout my time in the program (hopefully), especially as it pertains to writing projects. One of the things I enjoy so much about blogging is having a sounding board for proposals, ideas, etc. Having connections to so many students of Scripture will be advantageous for writing. Thankfully, I have some time to determine what exactly I want to write on!

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