Slippery Slope

Well, my place in the Biblioblog Top 50 is always uncertain. After moving up significantly last month to #34, I hit that ever slippery slope and slid to #58. I expected such given the stretches last month where I was not blogging (illness, out of town, etc.). Oh well…There’s always December!

Αυτω η δοξα,



12 thoughts on “Slippery Slope”

  1. I sure learned if you want ratings you have to post a lot. I don’t know if that means your blog is really more popular or if it just Alexa’s way of doing things. And we of course shouldn’t care about ratings. I noticed you on the list but didn’t know if you’d been in the top 50 before.

  2. Jeff: No, we shouldn’t care about the ratings (and I don’t–it’s all for fun!). I think it hits that part of all of us that likes to know, even if only secretly, that others are interested in what we have to say.

    Nick: Agreed–Alexa is a finicky sort!

  3. You never know, Jason. Last month I had my best month ever, by far, traffic-wise and I fell in the rankings. You’ll be back in the top 50 in no time.

  4. The contest is rigged, imho. I keep falling in the stats but the hits keep increasing according to wordpress. I don’t even look at the top 50 anymore.

  5. Steve: You very well may be right! I don’t know how increasing blog traffic translates to dropping in the rankings. Such seems to imply that those who stay where they are or jump in the rankings must experience phenomenal traffic. According to Jim West, the Top 50 is defunct for now.

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