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On Footnotes

Nick’s distaste for endnotes has been well documented, and I would echo his sentiments. Endnotes can make for an exercise in frustration when trying to track down references cited in the text. As such, footnotes are just better. Period.

I was reading the first pages of Desta Heliso’s Pistis and the Righteous One: A Study of Romans 1:17 Against the Background of Scripture and Second Temple Jewish Literature and was pleased to see footnotes (which you would expect in this kind of work). But not just one here or there! On the first page, there are three lines of main text with the remaining 85% of the page filled with footnotes! Page 2? Four lines of the main text and the remainder of the page is footnotes! Obviously, this author felt there was plenty of pertinent information that was necessary to undergird the main text; can you imagine having to thumb to the back to track down a pesky endnote? Μη γενοιτο!

Αυτω η δοξα,



5 thoughts on “On Footnotes”

  1. hahaha

    Well I agree with Nick on this too. I also think many footnotes could be incorporated into the text itself (not just the page long ones). It’s not like their incorporation is going to make the text any longer.

    BUT I hate endnotes. I did comment about this on one of the books I reviewed that had endnotes and the editor posted and told me it was his fault and not the authors. Hoping he won’t make that editorial decision again.

  2. I gotta agree with Nick on this one… if it required a lengthy explanation as a footnote, why not put it in the main body of the text?

    And endnotes are the worst. Someone should compile a list of books in biblical theology that has endnotes so we all know to avoid them….

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