As everyone knows, Seinfeld is the greatest tv show. Ever. Period. It’s one of only a handful of shows of which I can watch reruns, and I have seen many of them so many times I can’t count them. It is, hands down, my favorite show of all time. But I wonder, with a cast of truly unforgettable characters and a host of memorable secondary characters (who could forget the Soup Nazi?!?), who is your favorite?

My favorite character, by far and without hesitation, is

Cosmo Kramer, everyone’s favorite hipster doofus!

So, who’s your favorite (and it doesn’t have to be one of the main characters)?

Αυτω η δοξα,



10 thoughts on “Seinfeld”

  1. Matt: I like Newman, especially when he gets worked up talking about Jerry!

    Nick: Aw, come on–you must pick one! 😉 I agree that the show would not work without just one of the main characters. The few episodes without Elaine or Kramer weren’t quite the same.

    Carl: I think of all the supporting characters, Puddy is my favorite!

    TC: Of course, Jerry is great in his own right!

  2. Jason, don’t forget the Seinfeld reunion will happen this Sunday on “Curb your Enthusiasm” on HBO. It’s going to be an hour long, and I think the final 1/2hr will be the reunion. George is married, Jerry is still living in his same apartment, and the whole crew is back.

    Let’s not forget the other genius Larry David, the chemistry between the two is amazing.

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