I’m jealous…

…of all you guys and gals who are attending the SBL and/or ETS meetings in New Orleans! As I’ve probably commented on your blog here or there, my wife and I lived there for three years while I was in seminary and she was in grad school. When we first moved in, we were a little homesick and uncertain about New Orleans as a home. But, once we made our nest there, it was home and we loved it!

Sure N.O. has a reputation (or, reputations) and it can be a rough place to live if you happen to live a bad part of the city. We actually lived in a part of the city that was not the best–you wouldn’t want to take an evening stroll through the neighborhood! But there were so many places to go, so much history to see, and, best of all, too many fabulous restaurants to name!

So, enjoy your conferences, your book booths, your discounted book orders…but take some time to enjoy a true gem of a city. And, the only business you have on Bourbon Street is eating at one its fine restaurants (I wonder how many “where-is-Chris-Tilling-now” posts will be borne of this year’s meetings in the Big Easy!)!

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “I’m jealous…”

  1. We went there as a church right after Katrina to work with a church ministry there… N.O. is awesome! People were very friendly and they had great food too!

    Personal favorites: Voodoo BBQ and ACME Oyster House!

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