Beginner’s Guide to Christianity

Michael Patton, who blogs at Parchment and Pen, posted a rather humorous take on practices and terminology every new Christian should know.


It’s meant to be funny, so don’t get too bent out of shape when you find yourself saying, “Hey! We do that at my church!” There are perhaps more on his list that you do than you don’t! Have a good laugh at yourself and then pray for repentance! 🙂

Αυτω η δοξα,



2 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Christianity

  1. Ha! I’ve done the “Lord, we just pray that…” a few times.

    It annoys me so much when someone constantly repeats “Lord,” “God,” “Father,” over and over. It is doubly annoying when they repeat those words over and over and switch between “Father” and “Jesus” without any thought.

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