Quote of the Day

I am wrapping up Michael Horton’s Introducing Covenant Theology and hope to post a review sometime in the next few days. There are many memorable quotes in this book (which will accompany the review), but this is one that stood out.

“Religious liberalism tends to see the world simply as one blessed community. Ignoring biblical distinctions between those inside and those outside of the covenant community, this approach can not take sin seriously. This is a positive, upbeat religion. In truth, no one is under any divine judgment, and everyone enjoys God’s richest blessing. Furthermore, this blessing is not only the result of God’s common grace, but of his saving grace. We are not living east of Eden. The holy cause of building the kingdom of God and eliminating all suffering and evil in the world has not been aborted by the fall. Everything is holy.” – p. 117

Don’t worry, he’s got a thing or two to say about Fundamentalists, too.

Αυτω η δοξα,



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