I just changed to this theme a couple of days ago and I can’t figure out why my posts are showing up all bold. Anyone know why this is happening?

Αυτω η δοξα,



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  1. check the code on your text widgets, specifically your Books in Progress. I think you are missing a tag. Might be also on your itunes. At least that is what I can get from looking at your blog in code.

  2. Don’t think there was a change in the theme since it’s the same as mine and I have no bold font showing up.

    I agree with Joel. Could be something in your coding. Try opening up one of your posts and clicking the “HTML” tab rather than the “View” tab. Scroll through and see if there’s any coding that doesn’t look right. That helped me in the past with some misaligned block quotes.

  3. Jason, I would place even money on the widgets to my left. Your source code is showing a lack of tags at the end of those widgets. Plus, you ‘entries RSS and comments RSS’ are not in bold.

  4. For some reason a strong (bold) tag is being put around every bit (like every individual paragraph) of text on the blog. I don’t believe any widget or single item would do this to the whole blog. It’s not like the strong tag is put at the beginning somewhere and never closed. You could try switching back to default theme and back to this one. Otherwise write to WP.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. Turns out that Joel was right–I had a “strong” tag that wasn’t closed. How that affected everything, I don’ know, but it’s fixed now. Thanks, Joel!

  6. “Joel was right”

    I simply cannot hear that enough.

    Jason, if you are using Firefox, on your page, righ click and select View Source Code. This is how I found your problem.

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  8. It’s simply that if there is a way to mess up a or a blog, I’ve found it. And in finding it, I had to repair it.

    And, yes, I am the man, a guru, and right.

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