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On Steak

This evening, the family and I loaded up the Expedition and headed to town for our Friday night dinner and grocery run. We’d heard good things about the Texas Roadhouse that had opened recently and decided to try it out. When we’re in the mood for steak, we usually go to Outback, but I will say that Texas Roadhouse was excellent!

My wife and I had the sirloin, cooked to a perfect medium, and it was delicious. They have a house steak sauce that I tried, just because it was on the table. It was ok, but it had a wang to it, so I asked for the only sauce I feel worthy to touch a well-cooked steak: A-1. With A-1 now on the steak, everything came together!

For sides, we had their steak fries (which were excellent!) and mashed potatoes–a definite hit with the twins! The older kids also had steak and they left nothing on the plate! Given the choice between pizza and steak, my kids would probably opt for steak 9 times out of 10! We also had a Baby Blossom, the equivalent to Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion. The Baby Blossom was smaller, so it was good to have plenty of room for the rest of the food. And, TR’s rolls were great. They were a lot like Logan’s, only smaller and less glistening (they let you do the buttering!).

All in all, a great meal and a good evening out with the wife and kids!

Αυτω η δοξα,



4 thoughts on “On Steak”

  1. It’s hard to go wrong at Texas Roadhouse. Whenever we have a group and we can’t decide, we invariably end up at Roadhouse (or, when I’m outvoted, Chili’s).

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