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Wicked Wizard of Oz

We all know of the homiletical shenanigans of Steven Anderson and his ilk. We’ve all heard about the recent plans for a book and bible bbq in NC. Of such buffoonery there is no shortage. Doug Chaplin posted today about another purveyor of pastoral goofiness in Pastor David Grice, pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church. To make matters worse, it’s a “baptist” church…in Texas. Sigh…

Αυτω η δοξα,



3 thoughts on “Wicked Wizard of Oz”

  1. I keep wanting to come up with some pithy comment for these situations, but the fact of the matter is that I can’t see a way that Christ is not honored in any book burning by Christians. When something so dishonors the kingdom, it’s just not funny.

    AND when you add to it that they have inflicted their narrow views on translations to include burning perversions of the Scripture (read any NON-KJV), well, that just makes me sick at my stomach.

  2. OK, I did it again! This time I added a word.

    There is no way that Christ IS honored . . . leave out the NOT.


    Going to file papers and leave the typing alone for a while 😀

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