Local Cuisine

Never has reading blog posts made me so hungry and thirsty! Matt’s been blogging about soda and restaurants, Nick posted about pancakes with Reese’s Pieces in them, and Bitsy blogged about her favorite drinks and restaurants. So, as my palette yearned for a savory dish, I began to think of the local cuisine, meaning Louisiana food. Most states/regions have cuisine that is virtually synonymous with that area. Since the large majority of the blogs I read are by folks who don’t live in La, I was wondering what some of your regional bests are.

Louisiana is known for many wonderful culinary offerings, so here are a few of my favorites.

crawfish-platterBoiled crawfish, with potatoes, corn, and onions (so spicy your eyes tear up and your lips go numb!). Few dishes scream “Louisiana!” like boiled crawfish!

gumboChicken and sausage gumbo–must-have for cool weather (it doesn’t stay cold long down here!).

red beans and riceRed beans and rice–a Monday classic with sausage and corn bread!

beignets-cafe-mondeBeignets–the New-Orleans-tourist must-have!

meat piesMeat pies–a local favorite of my hometown and one of my favorite foods!

parasols-roast-beef-po-boyNew Orleans-style po-boys, roast beef especially–there is simply no other way to eat a roast beef po-boy!

crawfish-etouffeeCrawfish étoufée–a delicious Louisiana classic!

muffulettaMuffulettas–probably my all-time favorite sandwich!

Well, there you have it–some of my favorite Louisiana dishes!

So, what’s good to eat from your neck of the woods?

Αυτω η δοξα,



18 thoughts on “Local Cuisine”

  1. If you ever make it to Dallas, there’s an awesome Italian grocery store down the road from DTS that makes the best muffulettas around. I’ll take you there sometime.

  2. Peter: I guess that’s one of the perils of being landlocked by desert! What’s odd is that though I am La. born and raised, and these are some of my favorite dishes, I don’t eat shrimp, freshwater fish, etc. I like some saltwater fish, some crab dishes, and oysters, but not shrimp. It doesn’t make much sense, but there you go!

  3. Southern California is odd too. Some good food, but mostly nothing special. The one thing this area (and all of the Baja peninsula) is known for, however, are fish tacos…and they are surprisingly good!

  4. Dan: I’ve never been to So Cal, never had fish tacos. Given my general dislike of fish, my initial thought of fish tacos is not good. I would, however, be willing to try them, depending on the type of fish used.

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