Tied Up

Last night, after our evening service, I was talking with the folks and taking care of the usual post-service routine (turning off a/c, lights, locking doors, etc.). One of our members had brought a friend with her and I wasn’t able to meet her before the service began. So, afterwards I introduced myself and made typical friendly chit-chat. They had come to our discipleship time, the subject of discussion for that time being baptism. We had a good discussion and she freely joined in the conversation, which is always welcome! Turns out, she had LOTS to say after church!

After we exchanged pleasantries, she wanted to know what “they taught me in seminary” about Ezekiel 47. Now, I had overhead her say earlier, in the lull between discipleship and evening service, something about the “NIV” and “chapters left out,” so when Ezekiel 47 came up, I was trying to prepare myself. Her question was, basically, is Ezekiel 47 about the millennium? What ensued was approximately 15-20 minutes of her explaining the answer she sought from me! She covered the millennium, the Jews, the Temple, Acts 2 and “Jesus’-name-only” baptism (which she informed me was the apostolic way!), and a host of other issues. Anytime a question was posed, I had roughly 3-5 seconds to respond before she commenced with her explanations.

I did mange to utter “I haven’t studied Ezekiel 47, so–” before she resumed her discussion, and I almost got out “Well, we might disagree on that,” but alas, I was too slow on the draw!

So, I got tied up! All the while, her friend (the member of our church) was motioning and stating that they needed to go, which fell on deaf ears!! I must say that she was a very kind lady who just had a lot to say about the Bible–she wasn’t there to correct me (I don’t think she was anyway!). She said she’d like to stop by sometime and talk about the Bible, to which I said, “I’d love to!”

Αυτω η δοξα,



7 thoughts on “Tied Up”

  1. You are kind. It might be best, if you do meet with her for discussion, to have several there to offset the obvious desire in her to dominate the direction of the question/answer session. I would urge caution, unless the obvious dominance to get her point across is modified, you will have no meaningful conversation.

    I am sure our Lord will show you how to dialogue with her in kindness — He already has. Bless you.

  2. Iris: I don’t know that she will actually come by, but if she does, I will let her talk and try to insert comments here and there. She seems pretty steeped in her views, so, like you say, I don’t know that there would be much headway made. Sometimes just letting someone talk is the best thing!

  3. Joel: Thanks for the offer, but I am sure you have your hands full with the new little one! Congrats on her arrival! I think the lady in my post was well-intentioned and was merely sharing her view as opposed to trying to convince me (though she was very sure of herself–she has “done a lot of studying'”!).

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