BibleWorks 8

I just received word that I will be receiving a review copy of BibleWorks 8! This greatly pleases me because I work with BW7 on practically a daily basis. As a pastor I exegete under a tight schedule every week, so software makes many of the difficult tasks of exegesis (word studies, identifying particular grammatical constructions, etc.) more feasible in my time frame. In fact, it would be hard to do exegesis now without it–kind of like having driving a car without power steering.

Αυτω η δοξα,



2 thoughts on “BibleWorks 8

  1. Matt: When I saw your post the other day, I contacted BW. I had requested a copy months ago, but my blog (then a Blogger blog) did not generate enough traffic to justify a gratis copy. However, given the amount of traffic that comes through now, I was granted a copy. Same stipulations as yours–advertising button and multiple-post review. I can’t wait to install it!

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