Ten Random Beliefs Meme

I was tagged by Peter, so here goes.

  1. I believe that Seinfeld is the greatest tv show of all time.
  2. I believe that Braveheart is the greatest movie of all time.
  3. I believe Hebrew is much harder to learn than Greek.
  4. I believe the political arena is the last place I would want to have a career.
  5. I believe that too often Christians (myself included) tend to whitewash the biblical portrayal of God, particularly the perspectives of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament authors.
  6. I believe in creation ex nihilo, but not because of Genesis 1.
  7. I believe that pastoral ministry is much harder than many think.
  8. I believe the Saints will one day win the Super Bowl…Ok, maybe not. 🙂
  9. I believe blogging can be addictive and a detriment, though I haven’t reached that point yet! 🙂
  10. I believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man and that he is worthy of our worship, our lives, our everything.

I tag Matt, Michael, and Robert because I am sure they have nothing more important to do! 😉

Αυτω η δοξα,


18 thoughts on “Ten Random Beliefs Meme

  1. Jason,

    With you on #7. This is the year! But, I think you need to update # 3 to “I believe Hebrew is much harder to learn than Greek, but Hebrew is a much better and more beautiful language.”

  2. Jeremy: Good to hear from you! Oddly enough, I started my languages in seminary with Hebrew and picked it up (the basics) pretty quickly. However, once I really got into Greek, my Hebrew started to slip. Sad, but true. I do love both languages, though, and as far as hearing a biblical text read aloud, Hebrew is my favorite!

    1. Sorry. I meant #8 on my first reply. Saints all the way! And, the solution to your problem would be to simply stop using Greek. You must maintain your knowledge of Hebrew at all costs, even if that means a diminished understanding of the New Testament. 🙂

  3. Peter: It’s a tough thing being a Saints fan. They start out strong and fizzle midway through the season, or eek into the playoffs and get bounced in the first game. Oh well, I’ll still pull for them!

  4. Jeremy: Well, ok! 😉 I am trying to get back on my feet with Hebrew, but it’s tough, especially when I am not in an academic setting with the constraint of having to know it for exams, quizzes, etc. I should know it well anyway, hence my recent efforts.

  5. Jeff: We need all the help we can get! And, yes, Jesus was just a nice guy and good teacher! 😉
    Joel: I bet I can figure which ones you’re referring to! 🙂
    TC: I once was rather capable in Hebrew, but not so much anymore. 😦
    Nick: Awww come on! Not even a little pity for the lowly Saints? 😉
    Michael: Looking forward to it!
    John: Yeah, I think I read an article by some obscure scholar…Can’t quite remember his name, though. 😉

  6. Oh, so you actually read it?

    Then get on my blog and COMMENT in the relevant thread on it! Let’s bring that thing back!!

    Seriously, I am curious as to your thoughts. post em up on my blog.

  7. John: I confess–I’ve not finished it. 😦 I got backed up on my reading the last couple of weeks and am just now reaching the surface again. I will comment as soon as I finish it!

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