Fallen from Grace

Ok, not really, but I did manage to fall from the Top 50 for September, from #43 to #52. This really bums me out because I base my identity on statistics such as these. 😉 It seems that most of the blogs I regularly read, save for Nick’s, dropped a little for the month. Of course, the top two spots remain unchanged–keep trying, Joel!

Anyway, it’s all for fun!

Αυτω η δοξα,



9 thoughts on “Fallen from Grace”

  1. Jason,

    (snarky) It’s because you question the validity that you have fallen. Get on your knees and repent.

    Seriously, Alexa has been quirky this month. One night, the Alexa died for a few hours and for the past week, it’s been seriously delayed.

    I will say this, once you get close and then cross the 100,000 threshold, it becomes more accurate.

  2. John: I agree! August I was #41, but for September it says I dropped from #43. Hmmmm….

    Joel: I need to get to 10,000 first! 100K seems like a long way down the line!

  3. I’ve dropped again. No biggie though. It’s still been my best month hit wise, so I’m happy. Don’t you worry about it though. There’s always going to be another month.

  4. Matt: It’s weird–I also more traffic than the previous month, yet I dropped. I guess we were just outhit by other blogs. I don’t care about the ranking, just the traffic and interaction.

  5. I am number 124 on the list. I was pleased with that seeing as my blog has only been up since the start of September. Next month I plan on being in the top 50. And the month after that, number 1!

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